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Being a family photographer with PCOS navigating infertility is a bit of a  funny one but I’m hugely grateful to each and every client who allows me to capture their precious family moments.

Infertility isn’t necessarily something that we talk about but 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy while trying to conceive. As humans we tend to favour showing the best of ourselves to others and this extends to what we present on social media, so it is easy to feel alone when navigating infertility but every couples journey to creating a family is different. I am interested in photographing couples in London and Essex who are or have experienced infertility while trying to conceive or who are exploring alternative paths into parenthood.

This is a hugely sensitive topic and as such participants will be given the opportunity to remain anonymous. LGBTQ+ couples, hetero couples, co-parenting friends and single people are all welcome to get in touch to be involved in the project. 
Please fill in the form below to express you interest in being involved in the project. If you'd like to remain anonymous in the first instance then feel free to use a pseudonym.

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Our Clients

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